My Destiny Place


What do you want to do when you grow up?

Children are often asked this question. Unfortunately, many become adults and it’s never answered.

My Destiny Place is a show that gives children, four to nine years old, a head start by training them now in the areas of entrepreneurship and leadership via Biblical principles. It’s entertaining while being educational, and motivates children to explore endless career possibilities while helping them discover their God-given destinies.

My Destiny Place takes muppet-style puppets and places them in an entertainment format. The Show hosts, Ace and Tami, help keep children laughing while learning.

Each episode is topical with a theme throughout the segments making it a great tool for educators and parents. Segments include: As I’m Growing Up, Kidz Biz, Real Kids, Kickin’ It with Khobie, Music Segments and My Movie. 

My Destiny Place was created in 2011, by Tammy Williams and Tammy’Dele Films. It was one of the first productions Tammy did for television with her own production company, Tammy’Dele Films. Her own project that she developed, created, wrote and edited. It was originally a faith based program. Daystar Television picked up the show and began airing it. She was the first African American woman to launch a faith based show on television.

Tammy Williams, Creator of My Destiny Place and Tammy'Dele Films
Tammy Williams, Creator of My Destiny Place and Tammy’Dele Films